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While you're here, look at our home photos, explore our interactive map, get to know the neighborhood and explore the interactive maps. The real estate agency's office is located at 542 N. Main Street, Langhorne, PA, 21501, with offices in Pittsburgh.

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If you want to work with a professional, it is very easy to contact an estate agent in Langhorne, PA. Contact 19053 estate agents who can help you find the house of your dreams in 19052. If you like what you see in the property, you will love to see it for yourself, so arrange a tour with us today! We can also arrange an appointment for a house visit for a detailed tour of the entire property.

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Bucks County Maps in PA provides maps based on your Parcel ID or APN number and information about the department's services, including property valuations, property taxes, insurance, property taxes and more. The county Assessment Office manages the assessment process for all properties in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The property valuation includes property values, land use, water, sewage, road and sewer fees, roads, bridges and bridges.

Many people believe that the property valuer determines the amount of tax that homeowners will pay, but that is not the case. The Bucks County Tax Advisor is the local official responsible for assessing the taxable value of all Bucks County properties. To determine your tax bill, your local tax inspection office will take into account the estimated value of your property, as well as the owner's income, income, property taxes and fees, and the property tax calculated by multiplying the corresponding millage as determined by the county audit office. A Bucks State Tax Assessor evaluates the value of the properties and can determine the amount of tax on a property based on the market valuation.

This is how Pennsylvania's tax and assessment system works: Rocky and Adrianna own a house in Pennsylvania where the assessor placed a taxable value of $200,000 on the house.

The property is located in Langorne, Pennsylvania, on a 1.5 acre property in the town of Lancaster County, PA. It is currently listed for $199,900 in the MLS (PABU518064) and is one of the largest single-family homes on the market in Pennsylvania.

More About Langhorne

More About Langhorne